Chocolat... Dicitte?

Why chocolate, and why “dicitte”?

Franck Dury Pavet has worked as a pastry chef and chocolatier for… let’s just say, many, many years. He founded a pastry shop, Fous Desserts, in Montreal, and steered it for roughly 20 years. There, he got to share his love for chocolate, which he himself has cultivated since childhood. Chocolat Dicitte is a continuation, but also a brand new adventure founded with eco-conscience and equality in mind. As for “dicitte”, In Québec, “d’icitte” means “from here”. “Dicitte” (NO apostrophe!) hints at the cocoa beans long journey to us, and at Québec, where Franck settled… many, many years ago!

Here at Chocolat Dicitte, we are well aware that chocolate is a luxury.  However, but also consequently, we believe that our business should be responsible and scrupulous. 

From sourcing ingredients to packaging, chocolate production and waste management, we always strive to make the most eco-friendly choices.

Furthermore, we hope that in highlighting the specificities of each bean, our chocolates honour the work of growers and the central role of regional climate, which are the foundation of every chocolatey mouthful.